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Month: February, 2012

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Teri Weigel

Teri Weigel Teri Weigel
Teri Weigel @
My boy and I have a business arrangement where we loan stupid white boys money they can’t get from banks. Today’s mark couldn’t get the cash together to pay me and my boy back. The interest rate alone was high enough let alone the money we lent him. We took him back to his mamma’s house so he could say goodbye to her before we carved him up. Back at his place is where we found his mom all pissed at him for getting in deep with a couple of ex-cons that could make him disappear forever. Teri Weigel begged and pleaded that we don’t fuck up her only son but the empty wallets we had in our back pockets reminded us that payback was in order. The only thing this single mom had going for her was fat titties and a grin on her face saying that she was in desperate need of a couple of well-hung black dicks. We knew we had a crazy white bitch on our hands the moment she made her son watch as we used her mouth to jam our big blacks dicks in. We took turns pounding that white pussy that junior came out of and it soon turned beet red. The bitch screamed louder than any scream I ever heard while locked up and she was soon begging for some black goo. We took turns glazing her face as her son watched with tears in his eyes. White people are truly fucked up.
Teri Weigel Teri Weigel
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Jayma Reid

Jayma Reid Jayma Reid
Jayma Reid @
She’s a mormon by birth and a jizz junkie by right. Brigham Young would be rolling in his grave if he knew a follower of his was making rent by making dirty movies. He’s really go nuts if she had to swallow a Jewish guy’s dick in order to keep off the streets. I guess us Jews really do run the wsorld. Anyways, I’m getting off topic. Jayma Reed is a hot piece of ass that wanted to make it big because doing the 9-5 gig wasn’t in the cards. What was in her future was a face full of Minion cock whether I be standing or right on top of her while nearly suffocating the bitch. She opened her pretty little mouth wide enough for my hummus to make it’s way down her gullet. Joseph Smith would be pissed
Jayma Reid Jayma Reid
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Black Monster Mandingo

Black Monster Mandingo Black Monster Mandingo
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HHHHHEhhheeeeee’s BAAAAAACCCKKK! First off: Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! This week’s update is my Holiday/New Year’s gift to you. Mandingo, the man with the biggest dick around — and perhaps the biggest dick in the *history* of adult entertainment — has returned…and returned in a big way. 15 inches worth. 15. That’s right – fifteen. His beautiful black dick is my all-time favorite, and wow! does Mandingo fuck me silly in this scene. You know, a lot of people wonder…what next? I mean, after Mandingo, where do I go? Well, there’s plenty of size out there, and I’m on a hunt: I’m a black cock slayer, and I’m on a mission to find them all! 😉 Hee hee…Happy New Year and until next week, ta-ta! XOXO Spring
Black Monster Mandingo Black Monster Mandingo
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