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Month: December, 2017

This Just Happened

You really should know that you’re hitting the rev limiter when you’re producing porn where a ginger, with skin so pale that you don’t need any lighting, is butt-fucking an Asian tranny over a kitchen counter.

If that sounded a little harsh, brace yourself.

I consider myself to be a completely open minded straight male. I believe I am quite liberal in fact and since I work in the porn industry and enjoy what I do, that should be evidence enough.

You’re gay, fine. Your very self is trapped in the body of the opposite sex and you wish o or have a sex change, I have met many such people, I get it. But deliberately being stuck being both sex at the same time, I do not. What was wrong with being bi-sexual to begin with?

Each onto their own I guess and with this Trans Angels discount for 67% off, you can make the decision on fucking shemales for yourself.