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Aurora Gets Her Slit Teased By A Droid

Evil Comics

Aurora and her entire crew had been working for months to consummate their droid program. The objective of their entire mission had been to land on Cluster 17 and create a droid civilization before heading back to planet Earth. Aurora had been so vested in the project that she’d had little to no contact with the rest of the crew for the past two months while she was perfecting Droid X47. She had finally got him just right, at least she thought she had but when things got down to it there was something that she didn’t know about Droid X47 – he had a libido, the type of libido that no one could keep up with.

Aurora had taken Droid X47 out to see how he reacted to the atmosphere outside of the ship and when he started to move further from the ship she followed him until they found themselves out in the middle of no where. It was then that Droid X47 turned around and ripped all of Aurora’s clothes off in one swipe. Aurora was shocked but as soon as she felt the droids cold metal appendages fondling against her oozy love bud she couldn’t help but beg for more!

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