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Bubble Butt

Bubble Butt

Welcome back, Luscious! You’re looking good in that thong.

Thank you! I love these panties because they snap open and you can just pull them off and get naked really quick. But you know what? I love it when a man likes thongs and takes his time to appreciate my sexy panties. If a man
wants to make me so fucking horny that I can’t help but jump on his dick, then he asks to remove my panties with his teeth. Something about that string between his teeth is sexy. Sometimes I even let a man keep a thong so he can remember me when I’m gone.”

What have you been up to since being the cover girl for the April ’09 issue?

Well, I have been doing a lot of modeling and touring around St. Louis. And of course, I have been getting recognized more since I was in White Bread, Black Jelly, too! And that is great because I had so much fun filming that on
location in Miami. It was hilarious and I enjoyed myself. People saw it and ask for my autograph!”

Do more guys hit on you since your XXX DVD?

“I used to always be approached in the past because of my butt, but now that I am in movies, these guys trip all over themselves to come up to me and try and get with me. Guys will come up to me and say, ‘I lost my number, can I have yours?’ or sometimes they just stand and stare.”

Bubble Butt

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