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Erena Gets Alien Nailed

Evil Comics

Erena had been tasked with watching over the bio-unit of the station and she spent most of her time looking through microscopes or cross pollinating flowers. She had always been something of a science geek though so it didn’t really bother her that she spent most of her time around strange life forms. Her most recent project was to take care of one of the enemy life forms they had captured just outside of their ship. The green lifeform spent most of its time within a sexy huge cage where Erena made sure to feed it three times a day and even offered it conversation.

Erena had to go in to the cage a few days ago when the lifeform wasn’t responding to any stimulus. She shut the door behind her but as she walked over to it she felt a rush of air behind her and before she knew what was going on she had been pushed back on her ass and her clothes were gone. Erena felt such incredible pleasure for a second and when she looked up she found the lifeform had slid it’s chubby pink dong deep inside her tight smooth hole!

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