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Gia Fucks A Droid

Evil Comics

Gia had been working alongside the droids for weeks without any human interaction. She had been secluded in her lab on the ship for approximately six weeks attempting to find a cure for the sickness that had taken over the rest of the ship’s crew. She didn’t dare go out in to the general population until she had figured out a way to combat the sickness but she was also starving for affection and the longer she spent in seclusion the sexier the droids started to look to her. Finally Gia turned to one of the droids and commanded him to penetrate her.

The droid was only programmed to meet her demands and instantly his shiny gold weenie emerged from his armor and he wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her on to his ramrod. As Gia felt that hard shiny gold dick slide in to her tight love tunnel she couldn’t believe how excellent it felt and abandoning all inhibitions she had about fucking a droid she started to let herself go. That slender hard droid dick knew how to hit all of the right places and as it pounded her harder and faster she felt herself cumming to the edge of ecstasy.

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