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Welcome, Holly. You have a very unique look. You must get lots of dates.

“More recently I’ve been dating more. But growing up I was always teased for having red hair and so many freckles. I actually hated it! But as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to love those things. They’re what make me different from everyone else.”

How come you wanted to pose nude? Are you an exhibitionist?

“I do enjoy being naked. And I recently found some porno mags. Looking through them I was like, ‘I can do that!’ I don’t have a boyfriend who would get mad at me, so I went for it. I would really love to take photos naked outdoors but my skin is so fair that I’ll burn even if I’m in the sun for 10 minutes! That’s the only drawback of being a freckled redhead!”

Have you ever ridden the bologna pony, Holly? Are you a virgin?

“[Laughs] I’m a virgin and a late bloomer. While other girls my age were out having sex I was at home reading Chuck Palahniuk books. I did plenty of masturbating though! And I’d look up blow job tutorials online so I’d be prepared when I finally gave one. Those tutorials paid off! I got a load in my eye to prove it. Even though I haven’t had sex yet, I’m ready for whenever it happens.”


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