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Halia Smoking On Penis

Dirty Smokers

Halia has been a smoker for just about as long as she can remember but she never really thought anything of it until she met Frankie at a bar downtown. She had been sitting having a few drinks with her friends when Frankie came over and whispered in to her ear how sexy he thought she looked with a cigarette in her mouth. Halia had never heard anyone say anything like that before and she was nice-looking intrigued by this mystery fellow so she started to talk to him. As the night went on they both had a little bit to drink and decided it would be more fun to head back to Halia’s place for a drink or two more.

When they got back to Halia’s place though the two of them didn’t waste much time in stripping off. Just as they were about to start teasing each other Frankie begged Halia to light up a cigarette and start smoking while they were fucking. Halia had never heard anything like it in her life but when she reached over for that cigarette and lit it up Frankies fuck tool doubled in size and then she was sold!

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