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Lizzy Gets Fingered

Grandpas Sleepyhead

Lizzy is a cute brunette teeny girl who always loves to tease but last week when she teased the plumber who came by to fix her kitchen sink she had no idea what she was getting herself in to. She had just got out of the shower when he came by and she was wrapped in a towel. The two of them did some flirting and Lizzy joked that maybe next time he’d catch her before she got the towel on. Well Andy took that as a suggestion that maybe he should come back another time.

A week later Andy went by Lizzy’s place and knocked on the door. She didn’t answer but when he tried the door it opened and he walked in to the living room to find Lizzy laying there in a short skirt and a pair of cute stockings. He just couldn’t resist her. He watched her for a minute and then sitting on the chair next to her he slid his hand up her skirt to feel her tight love tunnel while he started to stroke off his bulky rock hard ramrod. He felt her juicy smooth pink sucking at his fingers as he stroked his rod.

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