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Malibu Malibu
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There’s a secret cove in a secret beach somewhere between San Diego and Los Angeles, and this week’s softcore Thursday update is one of my absolute favorites! Why!? Cause we saw whales!!! I’m so serious! Right off the beach the whales were playing! It was so beautiful I can’t even describe it. Seriously you guys it almost made me cry. People were totally flipping out, including me. After watching the whales, I peeled off my clothes and ran around naked, much to the delight of some amateur rock climbers, who almost fell while I put on a show for them! Hee hee…I love to be naughty. One guy even came down and introduced himself and said his wife was a centerfold girl way back in 1977 or 1978…something like that! The whole time we talked he couldn’t keep his eyes of my tits. Silly guy! LOL. Oh well…enjoy! I know I did! Spring.
Malibu Malibu
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