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Park Wiley

Park Wiley Park Wiley
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Today’s white dinner comes to us from Redneck City, USA. I had him play with his white dick for a while after I beat the shit out of mine. I was worried as to whether or not he knew the ways of black dick jerking but those worries quickly vanished. After all, take a look at this man’s muscles, his tight ass, and those abs are to die for. He was built for gay partying and thankfully he’s on our team. He didn’t hesitate to stroke me from my ball sack to the tip of my dick and all inches in between. It even smelled like 100 % man in the room as he got closer and closer to draining my balls all over . Next time he comes over I just might have to bend him over and take it to the next level.
Park Wiley Park Wiley
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