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Peter Piper

Peter Piper Peter Piper
Peter Piper @
My mouth is for black cock only. My hands are strictly for black dick. My ass……..yeah, you guessed it. It’s safe to say that if it ain’t black then take it back. I’m a sucker (literall) for big black dicks especially in strange places. It doesn’t get much more strange than this gloryhole which is a gay boy’s playground. I wish I knew who had the balls to stick his cock through the hole but it’s kinky not knowing. Those thoughts crossed my mind as my mouth became a garage for throbbing black dick which violated my mouth but in a good way. I was multitasking as I was pumping my own dick while ebony cock was being painted with my saliva. It shined under the gloryhole lights and it wasn’t long before my black daddy gave me his love juice.
Peter Piper Peter Piper
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