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The Brown Couch

The Brown Couch The Brown Couch
The Brown Couch @
I love afternoon naps. Really, I do. In my front room is a big brown couch, and it’s just great to curl up with a book, read, and doz off..and for today’s softcore fun, you get to watch me wake from my nap and play with myself after a vivid dream. Here’s what I dreamt: My current Whiteboy — let’s call him Whiteboy — takes me out to a movie. I’m looking very hot in a short mini and tight, braless shirt. As we’re walking through the theater, I spot a hot black guy who’s apparently alone. We make eye contact in the concession line, and I nod at the bathroom while we’re looking deeply into each other’s eyes. He understands and walks slowly into the men’s room. I follow, telling Whiteboy I have to pee. Like a good Whiteboy he says "yes dear, I’ll be in the theater waiting" and I’m off. Thank goodness the place is pretty empty, and no one is in the men’s room…except the last stall. I see his legs and follow him in. He’s already got his cock in his hands, and it’s mighty…a full 12 inches long, with thick veins running from the base to its enourmous head. I drop to my knees and immediately begin sucking, and almost instantly he shoots a giant stream of jizz into my mouth. I gag, and swallow, and gag…and I feel some of it run down my cheeks. "That’s number 1," he said. I don’t reply. He bends me over the toilet and raises my skirt. Of course there’s no panties to pull down. He slides his black member in, then begins…doggy style. First slowly, then fairly hard. I can’t believe how deep it is! My eyes roll into the back of my head. I can feel his balls slap my clit. He works silently for about 3 minutes until I hear him groan…and feel another giant gusher of sperm fill my pussy. I stand, and turn around. He’s gone. Nothing except a thick line of black seed running down my thigh. I wipe, adjust my skirt, sneak out the bathroom, walk into the theater, and kiss Whiteboy. He says there’s something different about me. I giggle. He runs his hand up my thigh, and slowly, gently, fingers my pussy. "Oh my god, you’re wet" he whispers softly in my ear. "Yes I am sweetie. Just for you." Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. "Time to wake up Spring. We have to shoot." It’s my cameraman…oh well. Fun while it lasted! XOXOX — Spring
The Brown Couch The Brown Couch
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